Centurion’s HR Team Recognized as One of 2022’s Most Innovative HR Teams

March 21, 2022

Human Resources Director. 2022 Innovative HR Team.

We are delighted to announce that Centurion’s Human Resources Team has been selected by HRD Canada as one of 2022’s most innovative HR Teams! This award recognizes companies that are leading the future of the HR industry by breaking boundaries and pioneering innovative strategies.

Centurion’s Vice President of Human Capital, Laura Salvatore, leads our dynamic HR team responsible for spearheading a variety of Employee satisfaction and engagement initiatives by utilizing the latest industry research and digital tools. Laura shared, “At Centurion, providing Employees with a great work environment is one of our top priorities. As the organization continues to grow, so do the expectations of us as an Employer, which is why we are always seeking to implement new and innovative programs that help to cultivate an exceptional Employee experience.”

Read HRD Canada's full report.

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