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The Centurion | 2023 | Issue 3

Welcome to the Winter Edition of The Centurion! In this edition, you'll find Greg's most recent webinar, our latest acquisition announcements, recent awards, Q3 reports, and an exciting announcement about an increase in unit distributions.

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The Centurion | 2023 | Issue 2

Welcome to the Summer Edition of The Centurion! In this issue, President and CEO Greg Romundt shares thoughtful insights in his latest whitepaper, The Inflationary Regime Will Be Here for Years to Come. In addition, we share exciting news about our latest acquisitions, recent awards, quarterly performance, and updates to our Asset Management Agreements.

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The Centurion | 2023 | Issue 1

Welcome to the Spring Edition of The Centurion. We’ve continued to make incredible strides and wrapped up Q1 on a strong note. Centurion has grown its assets under management to approximately $6.6 billion, that was supported by a strong acquisition strategy and the unwavering commitment of our team.


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