Centurion Apartment REIT

The Centurion Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust (“REIT”) invests in a diversified portfolio of rental apartments and student housing properties, as well as mortgage and equity investments in property developments, across Canada and the United States and participates in the profits derived from them. With that mandate, the REIT always looks for opportunities using strict due diligence to ensure investments are responsible and beneficial for its investors. We concentrate on communities with historically low vacancy rates, growing population demographics, and opportunities to improve rent levels.

The Fund employs three strategies:

  1. Purchase undervalued properties with untapped potential, low vacancy, and stable tenant base. We invest in these properties and perform upgrades to reduce operating costs and maximize income.
  2. Invest in newer, stabilized buildings in desirable neighbourhoods that do not require upgrades and allow the REIT to realize maximum income quickly.
  3. Leverage its strategic relationship with Centurion Asset Management Inc. to proactively create a pipeline of new investment opportunities. The REIT’s involvement in the development process of new multi-residential and student housing properties ensures these potential acquisitions are familiar, having performed due diligence throughout the build and stabilization phases.

Key Advantages for Investors

  • Investing in income-producing apartments and mortgage investments–the most stable sector of real estate that yields consistent returns
  • Tax-efficient
  • Monthly cash distributions with a Distribution ReInvestment Plan (“DRIP“) available at a 2% discount
  • Long-term growth potential
  • Stable, rational pricing with lower volatility and low correlation to major equity markets
  • RRSP, RRIF, and TFSA eligible
  • Real estate ownership without responsibility of management
  • Experienced professional management team with a track record of performance and value-oriented, process-driven methodology that is focused on unlocking unrecognized value

The REIT is open to qualified investors via Offering Memorandum. Investors may purchase units in the Trusts through their Investment Advisor. Permitted clients, as defined by securities regulations, may purchase directly through Centurion Asset Management Inc. The minimum investment is $25,000.


Current Annual Distribution Yield for Reinvested Units


Net Asset Value

JUN 2024

Annual Class A Returns

1 For partial year August 31, 2009 to December 31, 2009

2 As at June 1, 2024

Growth of $100,000 Invested Since Inception, Aug 31, 2009


1 For partial year August 31, 2009 to December 31, 2009

2 As at March 31, 2024

Centurion is a leading provider of quality multi-residential apartments in Canada and the United States. Our goal has always been to provide residents and their families clean, safe, and comfortable homes. Beyond these, we also enhance our residents' living experience by proactively attending to their needs and constantly seeking ways to elevate their rental experience.

Visit www.cpliving.com to find out more.

The MARQ brand was developed for our student housing business. It provides students quality off-campus residences in London, Montreal, and Waterloo. Aside from the furnished, clean private bedrooms with shared living spaces, our buildings are equipped with high-speed Internet, study rooms, fitness centres, and social lounges. Customized student life programs are available year-round to balance work and socializing. Most importantly, we offer after-hours emergency services and secured room fob entries, so parents can leave knowing their children will be well looked after.

Visit www.themarq.ca to find out more.


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