Centurion Launches Cayman Feeder Fund for Non-Canadian Investors in Centurion Apartment REIT

July 6, 2023

Centurion Apartment REIT (the “REIT”) is pleased to announce the launch of a Cayman Islands Feeder Fund. The Cayman Islands Feeder Fund has been set up for non-Canadian investors seeking to invest in the REIT.  

The introduction of the Cayman Feeder Fund, based in US dollars, is aimed at expanding accessibility to the REIT and providing a seamless investment experience for international investors interested in the Canadian real estate market.

Investing in the Canadian multi-residential sector has been a favorable choice for many, as it offers potential for stable income streams and long-term growth opportunities. The REIT manages a diversified portfolio of more than 20,000 rental apartments and student housing properties, as well as mortgage and equity investments in property developments, across 46 cities in Canada and the United States and participates in the profits derived from them. The REIT has a robust track record, generating strong and favorable returns since inception. Through a diligent and strategic investment approach, the REIT has delivered impressive financial performance, and has been an attractive solution for investors seeking reliable and profitable opportunities in the multi-residential sector.

The Cayman Feeder Fund has a registered office in the Cayman Islands and an external administrator, NAV Fund Services Inc. has been engaged to perform the Fund’s administrative requirements.

"At Centurion, we are committed to creating investment opportunities that align with the needs of a diverse group of investors. The introduction of the Cayman Feeder Fund aims to make investments in the strong Canadian real estate market more accessible to non-Canadian investors," said Greg Romundt, Centurion President and CEO.

To learn more please contact our Investor Administration Department at [email protected] who can guide you through the investment process.