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Accessible Customer Service Policy

Statement of Commitment

Centurion is committed to meeting its obligations under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA). Centurion understands that the obligations outlined under the AODA do not limit Centurion’s obligations under the Ontario Human Rights Code or any other law. Centurion is committed to excellence in serving all Employees, Investors and Residents, including those with disabilities. For the purpose of this policy, Employees, Investors and Residents are considered to be Centurion’s main customers. Centurion will ensure that the principles of independence, dignity, integration and opportunity will be at the forefront of all measures that are outlined in this document to accommodate the needs of those with disabilities.

Centurion’s Accessible Customer Service Policy will address the following areas:

  • The provision of goods and services to persons with disabilities;
  • The use of assistive devices;
  • The use of service animals;
  • The use of support persons;
  • Notice of service disruptions;
  • Employee, Investor and Resident feedback;
  • Training; and
  • Notice of availability of documents.

The provision of Goods and Services to Persons with Disabilities

Centurion will make every reasonable effort to ensure that its policies, practices and procedures are consistent with the principles of the AODA by:

  • Ensuring that all Employees, Investors and Residents receive the same quality of service;
  • Using alternative methods to accommodate Employees, Investors or Residents with disabilities, ensuring that they are able to have access to the same services; and
  • Using alternative methods of communication when needed to ensure that the Employee’s, Investor’s or Resident’s disability is taken into account.

The Use of Assistive Devices

Employees, Investors or Residents with disabilities may use their personal assistive devices when accessing Centurion’s services or facilities. In any case where the device used may present a safety concern or further barrier to access, other reasonable measures will be presented and used to ensure access to Centurion’s services or facilities is made available. When alternative measures are used, Centurion will ensure the principles of independence, dignity, integration and opportunity are continuously met.

The Use of Service Animals

When accompanied by a service animal, the Employee, Investor or Resident will be allowed to access Centurion’s premises and no fee will be charged. Centurion understands that any “no pet” policy does not apply to the use of service animals. The owner of the service animal will be responsible for the care and control of the animal at all times when on Centurion’s premises and Centurion reserves the right to request verification from the Employee, Investor or Resident that the animal is being used for reasons related to a disability.

The Use of Support Persons

If an Employee, Investor or Resident with a disability is accompanied by a support person, Centurion will ensure that both persons are allowed to enter the premises together and that the Employee, Investor or Resident is not prevented from having access to the support person at any time.

Notice of Disruptions in Service

In the event of any temporary disruptions to facilities or services that Employees, Investors or Residents with disabilities rely on to access or use Centurion services or facilities, reasonable efforts will be made to provide advance notice.

In the event that a notification needs to be posted, Centurion will include the following information:

  • Services or facilities that are disrupted or unavailable;
  • Alternative services, facilities if applicable; and
  • The length of time the disruption is expected to last.

Employee, Investor and Resident Feedback

  • Centurion provides its Employees, Investors and Residents with the ability to provide feedback on the services Centurion provides, including the services and accommodations provided to those persons with disabilities. Employees, Investors and Residents are able to provide feedback through Centurion’s website. Centurion will supply alternative accessible methods of providing feedback such as in person, by phone, email or regular mail upon request. If an Employee, Investor or Resident wishes to provide feedback on site or in person, the feedback should be provided to a Centurion Human Resources Employee.
  • Employees, Investors and Residents who provide formal feedback will receive acknowledgement of their feedback and a description of any actions taken as a result of their concern or complaint.
  • Training

    Centurion provides training related to Employees, Investors and Residents with disabilities and the AODA to all Employees in Ontario within thirty (30) days of hire. Revised training will be provided in the event of any changes to legislation, procedures, policies, and/or practices.

    Centurion provides Employees with access to the Absorb Learning Management System to complete the Disabilities in the Workplace training module. The training that Centurion provides highlights all areas that are covered in this policy and that are required to by the AODA, including but not limited to the following:

    • How to interact and communicate with persons with various types of disability;
    • How to interact with persons with disabilities who use an assistive device or require the assistance of a guide dog or other service animal or the assistance of a support person;
    • How to use equipment or devices available on the provider’s premises or otherwise provided by the provider that may help with the provision of goods, services or facilities to a person with a disability; and
    • What to do if a person with a particular type of disability is having difficulty accessing the provider’s goods, services, or facilities.

    Notice of Availability of Documents

    Centurion notifies Employees, Investors and Residents that any documents related to the Customer Service Standards and AODA are available upon request and in alternative forms if needed. Notification is provided by posting the information on Centurion’s website, as well as on all job postings that are displayed on Centurion’s website and/or any other job board.